30 before 30

1. Find a plant I can keep alive
2. Learn how to make my favorite pie- Lemon meringue
3. Start a blog
4. Send more mail- letters, surprises, etc.
5. Get to my ideal weight
6. Make it to church at least 2-3 times a month
7. Learn to Ski
8. Learn to surf
9. Make sushi
9. Get engaged/married 
10. Visit my magical place
11. Get over my fear of heights and skydive.....maybe, lol
12. Get a puppy or dog
13. Get a bike
14. Get a really nice camera
15. Go to the Ellen show
16. Spend more time with family, especially my grandparents
17. Witness something truly amazing
18. Make a great risotto
19. See an awesome concert or many
20. Make my own Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner
21. Learn to paint my own nails and avoid nail salons
22. Finish my Hawaii and Alaska scrapbooks
23. Become better at relaxing and de-stressing
24. Finish paintings
25. Swim with dolphins
26. Leave The Houston Chronicle
27. Meet a blogger friend from another state
28. Take a class just for fun
29. Join another organization
30. Cut my hair, more than an inch
31. One to grow on

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  1. Love this list---about to turn 30 so shooting for a doable 30 during 30 list :)


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