Thursday, November 7, 2019

How to revive a blog

Well first off it might be good to remember your password, but I'll give myself a pass considering it's been a while since I have posted on here. It's crazy to think how much has changed in all these years.... a move, 2 babes, but still working full time and always trying to slow down!

Feels good to get back on this platform and even better to see that not too much has changed or maybe I'm on an older version now and have no idea..haha! Well, in any case, it's nice to be back even if for the day or who knows maybe I can really get back into it?! 

I forgot how therapeutic this was, to type my little heart out about really small things like when I would post about "Friday's top 5" or what I did over the weekend to the really big things like having an ectopic pregnancy to then having a full-term pregnancy! 

I can remember working in advertising so many actual newspapers and someone always thinking that I was working in editorial, I can literally hear it now. "Oh you work at the Houston Chronicle, what do you write about?"  To which I would get annoyed or whatever and say "I don't I work in the advertising department" (you know the dept that makes money for the newspaper to uh hum RUN)! I mean talk about a smarty pants, right! I think it's now that I have gotten older and obviously grown, been away from sales and had a blog to really understand that writers are the glue of the paper...DUH! Without them there are no stories, no voices to be heard, etc. So while revenue is certainly important, it's only part of the makeup. Do I think I am a great writer nope, do I think every person out there putting out editorials are great writers nope, but I think it's like I said earlier... it's therapeutic and freeing to just type/talk to anyone out there and see where you connect! That feels like magic. That makes me miss blogging, connecting with people out there on various levels about big or small things.

The past few months have been crazy, heck the past 4 years have been crazy....but again I've been dealing with health stuff. Not going to go off about that or turn this thing into some "health blog", but I will say this, it's taken this to sort of humble me, to slow down and really access a lot. I'm not superwoman saving the day every day, I'm just a mom with 2 boys, who works every day and trying to do my best, but now realizing to make my health a priority...way more than before! I am also realizing that I need to be my own health advocate in every way maybe I will drop a line on here soon depending on my schedule and can get up to speed on a few things! For today this was a lot of fun and I needed this!!! Insert all the emoji smiley faces here -->