Monday, January 4, 2016


#AñoNuevo #Inspiración al máximo para todos en #MaxMovil:
Hello 2016! Time literally fly's by..... We spent our New Year's Eve at home this year and were both in bed before midnight LOL! Thanks to some gutsy people popping fireworks in our neighborhood and my pregnancy bathroom schedule I was able to wake G up for at midnight for a kiss and to tell him Happy New Year, then we fell back asleep. This year was so much different than last years New Year's Eve partying, but we were so okay with it. Baby is not even here yet and we are already tired!
Last year's NYE!
This year's NYE! ;)
Annual New Year's Day dining at Liberty Kitchen. However, they did not have my black eye peas and cabbage at all this year. Talk about disappointing!!! The past 2 years have been pretty awesome so if anything goes wrong this year, here's looking at you Liberty Kitchen!!!! Your mac and cheese softened the blow as usual though. 
Cheers to the NEW YEAR!!!! 

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