Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's in a name?

Morning!! I have been asked by a few people about the name of my blog, The Tiny Button. The name comes from the boutique store I always dreamed about opening and hope to still do one day, but now also signifies the past and present, which I will touch on more later. I had been wanting to change the blog for awhile, I have missed writing so much!!!  While I still have a lot to do with the site, I am just so happy it's up and running! 

And since we are on the topic of names, today I will also go ahead and share our baby boy's name! Landon!! It's Greg's great grandfathers name and Greg's middle name! We loved the idea of keeping family names going! Yesterday was our 16 week appointment and baby boy was so chill!! The past few times we have seen him, he has been moving all around, so it was funny to see him lounging with his legs up and hanging out. He did give us a thumbs up, which was so CUTE!!!!!!!
Not one for uterus pictures, but this was the exception! :)

Maybe he had stage fright since we were meeting with our new doctor? Reguardless it always great to see him and it's so hard waiting for the next appointment.  

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