Monday, July 20, 2015

Oh BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there! If you have made it to the new site, then you must know about our great news!! Greg and I are expecting a baby and we couldn't be more excited!! We are feeling so blessed to be going through this new journey! 
We are Ready to PARTY!!!!
The Cats out of the bag!
Keeping this all a secret from family and friends has been the hardest. The first 12 weeks felt like walking on eggshells! You want to make sure everything is going okay before you start shouting from the rooftop! Even posting today kind of feels surreal!

 I plan on keeping this space as my usual lifestyle blog and not so much a baby blog, but I will touch on a few things here and there.....because lets face it being a first time mom I have already had some pretty funny moments to share! LOL!

Stay tuned!