Thursday, May 14, 2015


Good MORNING!!!!!  I cannot explain how good it feels to be writing this right now!! I have missed blogging more than the blogging world has probably missed me, lol!! Last year was crazy AMAZING!!! I turned 30, got engaged and married all in a year!! To say that I have a lot of re-capping is an understatement! I plan on playing catch up!!! 
Here is what we have been up to this year thus far....

Ringing in the New Year! 

Hanging with Riley Boo Bear! 


One of the Gorilla murals around town to promote our new group of Gorillas at the Houston Zoo!! So EXCITED for the preview party tonight!!!! 

Loving SPRING!!

Grandpa's 91st Birthday!! 

Cousins cooking class with this stud! 
We did good!

A couple of trips to the ATX for birthdays!

Making a few new friends at my Zoo meetings!

Trying a few more places around town! Julep was delicious!! 

A little get away with these two!! :)

So as you can see we never seem to slow down! I plan on getting back in the saddle/wagon/groove on here! Since there are so many things to catch up on I plan on starting a throw back Thursday series...... a #tbt if you will on here! Stay tuned!

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