Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF - 5 on Friday!

Linking up with these lovely ladies for another edition of 5 on Friday!

1. The first thing I wanted to share today was an Instagram from my cousin Skylar!
This seriously made my year!! 
It's not everyday that someone tells you that you are their role model! This really touched me. There are so many times we feel like we just are not doing things right and then someone surprises you. I love you Skylar!

2. I am starting to feel like myself again, after several days of being sick. Whatever I had hit me like a ton of bricks! I cannot remember the last time I was this sick.

3. This little guy
He is usually a pain in my butt around 3am every morning. He wants to play, more food or to go outside, but he has been by my side the entire time I have been sick! Just being the best little cuddle buddy!

4. This time next week I will be 30!! Which is weird because I do not feel 30, but I do know that since I have gotten my license renewed, no one has been asking for it! I will continue to put this to the test! Getting asked for a license it an automatic feel good moment, am I right?

5. This beautiful birthday banner from my other cousins!!
It's making me very excited about my birthday! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Happy early birthday! I joined the 30 Club last year - it's not so bad on this side, I promise :)

  2. Happy early bday! SO precious from your cousin...and that banner from your other cousins is swoon-worthy! I adore it!!! Happy weekend, lovely! xx


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