Wednesday, January 22, 2014

30 by 30!

Last year I posted a a 30 before 30 list. Like most bloggers, we seem to have gotten caught up with this so called 30 before 30 list, I know I did! You can read my list here!
Essentially these were all things I wanted to do by 30. I did not even put a dent into my list and that actually really excites me! I don't think Ellen is going anywhere, dolphins are still in the ocean and my trunk full of scrap booking supplies will not grow legs and walk off!

I think the bigger picture here is just enjoying life! There are a ton of things we all would like to do, but instead of making a list about it all, I'm going to continue to just live my life!

So in the spirit of living I figured I would mention a few amazing things I have done so far in my 30 years!!

I learned how to surf!

I have been in 13 weddings, yes you read that correctly! 13 Weddings and I still have all of my dresses! That's not even including my flower girl days!

I made it to my Magical Place!! Thailand!

I have lived in another country and was even there to Ring in the New Year! 2008!
4. I have been to 21 states, including Alaska and Hawaii!

I have been to Europe and Asia
I joined a sorority, Delta Zeta
I graduated from The University of Houston
I learned to play a few instruments
I have seen a ton of concerts, pretty much all of my favorite artists
I have joined a Rodeo and Zoo Committees
This list could keep going!

All in all I would say I have been living pretty good! Bring on 30!!

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  1. You have experience a lot already! 13 weddings...crazy!! So jealous of your Thailand trip, how cool!


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