Monday, August 11, 2014

Wedding Mania!!

Things have been crazy busy!!!!! Wedding planning has been well under way and in 4 months I will become Mrs. Stewart!  WHEW! Time has been flying by so fast! To say that weddings are a production is an understatement! I have never been the kind of girl who has their entire wedding day planned out in their head, in fact I think I have always been a little more interested in the actual ceremony and the honeymoon part of it all! I love a good party, don't get me wrong, but it's the reception part that is the most complicated!  Tables, linens, caterer, drinks, music, blah, blah, blah!! It can all be a little overwhelming! 

We got several big things checked off our list early on so we have just been filling in the little parts here and there! We were also lucky to go to a sip and scan event at Macy's! I cannot tell you how awesome this event was. I never thought that registering would be so draining, but it is! It was good to go and learn about the products/more information!  In you know anyone who is newly engaged or ready to register send them here!

At the end of the day I think it is really important for the wedding to not become bigger than the couple. We are staying so true to ourselves with all of wedding choices and that makes me so happy! The day will reflect us and we cannot wait to celebrate with all of the people who care about us! 

Below are a few of our pictures from our engagement session!
We had a lot of fun that day!! 

I plan on posting on a regular basis, I have months of recapping!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Future Mrs. Stewart!

Hi friends!! It feels just like yesterday that I was posting a 5 of Friday post and telling you all that I was going to be back to recap some pretty exciting times I have had so far this year..... 

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, then you have seen that my year just got even more EXCITING!! 

Going back to Friday March 28th. Greg and I decided to cook at home, drink some wine and watch a movie. After dinner and 2 bottles of wine we were about an hour into the Wolf of Wall Street. We had not realized that movie was 3 hours long and Greg then told me that we were not going to finish the movie. So I said okay, I was ready to pass out anyways. He then told me that I was going to miss my blogger brunch in the morning and that we were not meeting up with his friends after. I asked why....I had no idea what was going on..... He said  "we were going to on a trip and that I needed to pack clothes for warm weather, swimsuits and my passport". Honestly I was very excited, but then became really confused once the word passport was thrown out. What the heck? I'm not going to lie, I started to freak out a little bit. Where was I going, how much do I pack, why do I need my passport, I need to text my friend Steph and tell her I will not be at blogger brunch tomorrow. A million things were running through my mind at 10 something at night. I threw a lot of stuff into a carry on and went to sleep. We left way before sunrise the next morning and headed to the airport.

We got in line to get our boarding passes printed and I was about to find out where in the world I was going. I scan my passport and start following all the instructions on the screen....then there it pops up. We are going to Belize!!! I normally talk pretty loud and I'm sure that moment was no exception, but I sort of yelled it out "We're going to Belize"??? In which Greg replied yes we are! We then made our way to the security line and from that point until we landed in Belize I think I asked Greg 101 questions about Belize. You see I normally do a TON of research before I go anywhere. Like seriously, I like to be in the know! TripAdvisor and Yelp are probably some of my best friends. I like to know what restaurants, are good as I gawk at people pictures. I like to know places of interest and I sometimes stare at the maps to check distances, etc. In this case I did not have a clue about anything!

We arrive in Belize and our first stop is the duty free store where we pick up a couple of bottles. Then on to check into our next flight, a little plane is to take us over to San Pedro. I'm not the biggest fan of flying, but I love to travel.... It's a total oxymoron I know, but it's true. So when I see this tiny plane I just keep thinking oh my goodness! We line up and they take us outside to the start boarding the plane when I am asked to ride on the back bench with 2 other woman. Oh great! We are all boarded and I am sitting on the back bench of this tiny plane with 2 other woman. We all became fast friends as we were all a little freaked out and we all held hands during take off! LOL! While I was crazy nervous, the view was simply amazing and one of the best 15 minute plane ride I have ever taken! 

We arrive in San Pedro, claimed our bags and were picked up by our resort!
We get the tour on the way to the resort and so far so damn good! I cannot wait to jump into the amazing water. We get to the resort to check in and are then taken to our room, which is right on the beach! Greg did so good!!!!!! We have lunch on the beach and hang out under the palm trees, swim, have some cocktails and swim around some more. The water is just absolutely amazing and the sun feels great! Later we decide to head into town to check out San Pedro for a few hours. We had a lot of fun shopping, trying local brews and just enjoying being on island time. We make it back to the hotel in the evening and get ready for dinner. We still have a lot of time before our reservations so we decide to take a walk along the beach and pier.  

We walk around for awhile just talking as we make our way to the pier. There are 2 locals hanging out and I decide to ask them if they would not mind taking our picture. They agree and we take a few snaps, the wind was a little crazy so Greg asks them to hang onto the camera and take a few more pictures. Which was great because I love to have multiple pictures especially when the wind is cray!  Let's get a good one I keeping thinking! I tame my mane and as I look over to Greg he is getting down on one knee. He pulls out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and asks me to marry him, to which I respond with a YES!!!
The real deal!! Thanks to the local guys for capturing this live shot!!!

I seriously had no idea what was happening on this trip, I only thought we were getting away to have some much needed fun! Plus I had only known about this trip for less than 24 hours!
Greg did such an amazing job planning every single detail! It was all so romantic and magical! I am so blessed to have him in my life! I'm over the moon that I will get to marry my best friend and I look forward to all of the adventures to come! We totally fell in love with Belize and cannot wait to go back as it is now a very special place to us! 
A month ago today my life changed in such a magical way!!
I promise this will not turn into an all wedding all the time blog! I also promise to recap the other fun and exciting times from the beginning of the year!

You better BELIZE it!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday!!

Mic check, one two, one two..... Hello Friends!! 
I hope to get to this blog more, things have been great, but very busy! 

I have a lot of recapping to do!! So just to let you know, I will be posting about the following:

1. The rest of my 30th Birthday shenanigans in NOLA with some of my best friends!

2. Colorado! My first time to ski and to see real snow!!! 

3. The Houston Livestock show and Rodeo. 

4. Fredericksburg with my high school friends!

5. And the last, my new best friend "a kiss of shimmer"
I have been using this stuff for a month now and I am obsessed!! 

So see, I have a lot of things to cover!! Stay tuned!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

30th Birthday Weekend!!

30 is already turning out to be pretty great! I had the best Birthday week and weekend!!
Greg sent me a super delicious edible arrangement!
The ladies at my office got this super cute cake for me!
 Greg took me to dinner
Can we say Cotton candy drunk? LOL

Greg made my birthday so special!!
I was born at 10:33 so Riley and stayed up to Party!
Saturday I had brunch with all my girlfriends!!
My cake was an ice cream cake and it was amazing!! 
I had friends come from near and far to celebrate my birthday! I had blast!! These ladies really helped make my birthday special!! Love them all so much!!!
It was such a great weekend! Looking forward to round 2 this coming weekend!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today I'm 30!

Well today is the big day!! I'm 30! 

I had my last drink of my 20's last night!
It was a little weird to think about it! lol

A friend sent me this ecard this morning and I had to share!

I'm looking forward to celebrating this weekend and next with Family and Friends!! 
30 is going rock, I can feel it!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

30 by 30!

Last year I posted a a 30 before 30 list. Like most bloggers, we seem to have gotten caught up with this so called 30 before 30 list, I know I did! You can read my list here!
Essentially these were all things I wanted to do by 30. I did not even put a dent into my list and that actually really excites me! I don't think Ellen is going anywhere, dolphins are still in the ocean and my trunk full of scrap booking supplies will not grow legs and walk off!

I think the bigger picture here is just enjoying life! There are a ton of things we all would like to do, but instead of making a list about it all, I'm going to continue to just live my life!

So in the spirit of living I figured I would mention a few amazing things I have done so far in my 30 years!!

I learned how to surf!

I have been in 13 weddings, yes you read that correctly! 13 Weddings and I still have all of my dresses! That's not even including my flower girl days!

I made it to my Magical Place!! Thailand!

I have lived in another country and was even there to Ring in the New Year! 2008!
4. I have been to 21 states, including Alaska and Hawaii!

I have been to Europe and Asia
I joined a sorority, Delta Zeta
I graduated from The University of Houston
I learned to play a few instruments
I have seen a ton of concerts, pretty much all of my favorite artists
I have joined a Rodeo and Zoo Committees
This list could keep going!

All in all I would say I have been living pretty good! Bring on 30!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF - 5 on Friday!

Linking up with these lovely ladies for another edition of 5 on Friday!

1. The first thing I wanted to share today was an Instagram from my cousin Skylar!
This seriously made my year!! 
It's not everyday that someone tells you that you are their role model! This really touched me. There are so many times we feel like we just are not doing things right and then someone surprises you. I love you Skylar!

2. I am starting to feel like myself again, after several days of being sick. Whatever I had hit me like a ton of bricks! I cannot remember the last time I was this sick.

3. This little guy
He is usually a pain in my butt around 3am every morning. He wants to play, more food or to go outside, but he has been by my side the entire time I have been sick! Just being the best little cuddle buddy!

4. This time next week I will be 30!! Which is weird because I do not feel 30, but I do know that since I have gotten my license renewed, no one has been asking for it! I will continue to put this to the test! Getting asked for a license it an automatic feel good moment, am I right?

5. This beautiful birthday banner from my other cousins!!
It's making me very excited about my birthday! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!