Monday, November 4, 2013

My Magical Place

I have been waiting a long time for this.....
I will finally be traveling to place I have been dreaming about for 10+ years. THAILAND! 

It all started with a picture I found 10 years ago in a doctors office. It was of a floating lantern festival and from that moment on I knew I just had to get there.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much research I have done over the years on this. I am seriously beyond excited as this is one of my biggest dreams coming true. I have read anything and everything about traveling there and I have actually cried several times while doing research.....happy tears of course, while looking at pictures of the people, the land, food, beaches, temples.... you name it. I may not know Thai or anyone who lives there, but there is something about this place that I connect with. Something that is so indescribable about a place that I have never been, but I strongly feel the need to be there. I can just say that this trip could have not come at a better time! Perfect timing, but most importantly a long time dream of mine is coming true. We all have a lot of things that just never go right for us and after a lot of ups and downs, I'm doing something very right and feeling so blessed.

Has anyone else been to Thailand?! Any tips?!


  1. how exciting!!!! definitely on my dream places to visit too! soooo excited for you!!!

  2. My hubby and I went a few years ago. Is beautiful but also a little disturbing at times. Who are you going be traveling with and what parts are you going to?

    1. One of my best girlfriends and I are going. We will be Bangkok, Phuket (mainly Phi Phi island) and then Chiang Mai.

  3. Oh my gosh this is so awesome!!!! I can't wait to hear about your trip and see all your pictures! When will you be there and for how long?


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