Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Life Lately!

Morning friends!! Today I thought I would do a little recap of what I have been up to lately! 

I would also like to wish my cousin Sarah a very Happy Birthday!!! I'm so glad I got to see her and my cousins a few weekends ago! We had the best time!!! 
Dry Comal Creek was so cute and I cannot wait to open some of the bottles I brought back home for the holidays!!! 

I attended an event at St. Genevieve and I actually ran into one of my 2nd cousins, Kristen!! Talk about a small world!

I have been spending lots of time with my Boo Bear!!
Riley has been going through a lot lately, I will touch on that more next week. 

Halloween was fun! 
 We went to the UH game! Our season ticket seats are pretty awesome!!
I took a picture with my college chemistry teacher and I was an element, even more awesome!

Case was at the UH game!! AWESOME!!

Travel shots on Halloween, NOT AWESOME! lol

Catching up with some friends we have not seen in a while!!

Good times all around and more fun stuff this weekend for my friend Ashley's wedding!!
Stay tuned!!!


  1. Looks like you've been having so much fun! Travel shots?! What are those?!!!

    1. Yes!! Travel shots for Asia, I had to get some shots before I leave the country and I'm glad there were a few pills I could take so I did not have to get more than 2! Not a fan of shots!! lol


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