Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend and the Emmys!!

First things first!! Who watched the Emmys last night?! 
While there were a lot of dresses I did not like, I did have a few favorites!!! 
I loved the vintage lace detail in each of them!! 

 Mayin Bialik looked so good last night!! Where are my Big Bang fans at?! LOVE her! 

Anna Gunn, while I have not watched Breaking Bad, she looked beautiful last night and won!

Claire Danes!! WINNER!!! She looked amazing last night!! New hair cut and a daring couture gown! I've always loved her!! Romeo and Juliet, Brokendown Palace, Little Women, Polish Wedding!! I recently started watching Homeland and I'm officially obsessed!!! Season 3 starts this coming weekend!! 
Laura Dern! Where do I place my order in for this dress! So pretty! 

I had to talk about the Emmys first because let's face it, my weekend was not as stellar as that!

Friday night Greg and I had a date night to go and see Empire of the Sun!!
After waiting for like 4 years to go and see them, it was totally worth it!!! 
I'm still having my own personal jamming session!! THEY ROCKED IT!!!
We won the Bayou Bucket on Saturday!! GO COOGS!!!!
I got all of my fall out yesterday and the weather this weekend was amazing!!
More to come this week!!!


  1. those dresses are sooo beautiful!!

    found you via link up!

    XOXO Bunnie

  2. I watched the Emmy's in 2 parts. I got kicked off the tv because the hubs wanted to watch Breaking Bad. So I finished the Emmy's and watched Dexter finale on Monday. Too many shows to watch and not enough time! I wasn't in love with many of the Emmy dresses but I do like your picks. I also like Kerry Washington's dress!


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