Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday IIII

Linking up with the lovely ladies above for another edition of 5 on Friday!!!

1. HOMELAND is back on Showtime this Sunday!!! 
Has anyone been watching this series?! AMAZING!!! So excited about this season!

2. In just a few short days I will be here
My summer is technically not over just yet and that makes me really happy!!
Looking forward to getting away and playing in the sand!

3. Imagine Dragons concert!
These guys brought it last night and even though I'm crazy tired today, I never get tired of going to concerts!! Nothing beats live music!! I'm so glad Greg and I got tickets to go!! We also got to see The Neighborhood and Paper Route open!! Awesome shows!!

4. This skit!
I posted this on Wednesday and I still think it's hilarious!! #hahaha

5. Where are my Cougars at?! COOGS, that is!
This Sunday (9/29) is Shasta's Birthday at the Houston Zoo!!

For this young cougar's second birthday celebration the Zoo will have fun activities, training demonstrations (at 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.), and Shasta will get his very own cake! Bring your Flock membership card or wear your UH gear for free admission!*

*Free admission for wearing UH gear applicable on Sunday, September 29 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. only.   

Have a great weekend friends!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Happy hump day friends!! Raise your hand if you #LOVE #Hashtags, raise your hand if you love Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake skits?!

Well you are in luck! Get ready to #laughyoursocksoff #sofunny #lol
They should really have a show together!
I thought a lot of you bloggers would like that ;)


Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend and the Emmys!!

First things first!! Who watched the Emmys last night?! 
While there were a lot of dresses I did not like, I did have a few favorites!!! 
I loved the vintage lace detail in each of them!! 

 Mayin Bialik looked so good last night!! Where are my Big Bang fans at?! LOVE her! 

Anna Gunn, while I have not watched Breaking Bad, she looked beautiful last night and won!

Claire Danes!! WINNER!!! She looked amazing last night!! New hair cut and a daring couture gown! I've always loved her!! Romeo and Juliet, Brokendown Palace, Little Women, Polish Wedding!! I recently started watching Homeland and I'm officially obsessed!!! Season 3 starts this coming weekend!! 
Laura Dern! Where do I place my order in for this dress! So pretty! 

I had to talk about the Emmys first because let's face it, my weekend was not as stellar as that!

Friday night Greg and I had a date night to go and see Empire of the Sun!!
After waiting for like 4 years to go and see them, it was totally worth it!!! 
I'm still having my own personal jamming session!! THEY ROCKED IT!!!
We won the Bayou Bucket on Saturday!! GO COOGS!!!!
I got all of my fall out yesterday and the weather this weekend was amazing!!
More to come this week!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Testing 1, 2. Is this thing on? Hi friends!! Sorry I have not been around a lot lately. Today is exactly a month since the last time I posted anything. Talk about crazy! Things have been good, just crazy busy! I promise I have a lot of great posts coming up! So in the mean time take a look below to see what I have been up to!

A few weeks ago I got to meet one of my best friends precious baby boy, Silas!  
Melt my heart!
He is seriously the cutest!! 

 I had to tell a friend goodbye, but hope to make it to San Diego soon!!

 I welcomed a new friend back and yes I am talking about the beer! 
Who is an Oktoberfest fan?!!

I was able to hit up a couple of Restaurant Week dinners!

1 HH, I need to step up my game!

I celebrated my friend Lisa's 30th birthday!!
We all had the best time dancing the night away!!

Managed to have a much needed date night!

Made it to a Texans game!!

Went to Austin for a work conference.

Spent a weekend on Lake Travis!

To celebrate this beautiful Bachelorette!!