Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting to know the Heights - Good Dog Hot Dog

I started a series a couple of months ago called "Getting to know the Heights".
Today I'm going to showcase a food truck that is no stranger to this blog! 
Good Dog 
Everything is made fresh! The dogs, the bread, condiments, etc. 
This really is the best hot dog you will ever find!!
We normally love to catch them on Friday's at Antidote or Sunday's at Buchanans!
Now everyone will be able to visit them when they open their first restaurant!!
Their new location will be 903 Studewood (formerly the Big Mamou)! 
  We seriously love them and are so excited for their newest adventure!!!
You can customize a good dog or you can try some of their featured dogs! 
And don't forget to add a few sides!!
Red potato salad and a corny dog!
Truck-made chips along with Greg's good dog (on the left) with short bus mustard and cheese and my good dog (on the right) with whole-grain mustard and sweet blakeslee relish!
To read about the other times I have talked about Good Dog click here and here!

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Get yourself a hot dog or a nice spot at the pool! ;)



  1. This is definitely one of my favorite food trucks!

  2. I love food trucks but I have never been there because I'm not a huge hot dog fan. Buuuuut if it's that good then maybe I will give them a try!


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