Monday, July 1, 2013


Today I am covering Aspen! Also before I leave you hanging on all of these vacation posts I would just like to say that Greg and I did not get engaged on our vacation. I got a ton of questions, texts and messages about it, but I did get a pretty awesome bug bite that gave me a rash on the side of my underarm and I can tell you all about that.......maybe next week. We had a great time together and Greg knows to surprise me it would have to be out of the blue. A trip would be so predictable. 

Anyways sorry to bust anyone's bubble.

Now more about our amazing Colorado trip!

Saturday we got up and headed to one of the best breakfast places in Vail, Westside Cafe before we headed to Aspen. They are known for their awesome breakfast and their crazy big bloody Mary's! Yes we were there around 7:30, but oh well I had to try one! 
It was vacation!
A happy meal

Oh what's that? That's a side car cause you know the bloody Mary is not enough!
I think I only ate a quarter of my meal....
Below is the butter bird bandit. He was so sneaky and went from table to table to steal butter and then he would fly away. He would wait 5 min and then hit up another table! I could never get an action shot though, that bird was good.....real good and smooth like butter!
We started our drive to Aspen
I loved going through the tunnels

When we made it to Glenwood Springs, it reminded me of my small home town.....
Then I really got excited when I saw that they were setting up for a parade!!
I kept telling Greg, "Do you know what they are doing?" "They are going to have a parade and do you know how I know?" "Look at all of those lawn chairs!" 
Sometimes it's the little things people! They were indeed having a parade that morning for their Strawberry Festival!
Before we made it to Aspen this mountain could be seen from every turn in the road!

After making it just in time for our bus, we made it to the Maroon Bells!! 
Seriously one of the best highlights of the trip!!
I could just stare at this all day long!
The water was so clear and we saw so many fish!

On the way back to visitor center, we got to see a moose and her calf! AMAZING!!

After our very exciting adventure we made our way into town!
It's really cool how Aspen's mountain is right there! You can see the gondola in this pic.
Saturday just happened to be the best day to go, because the market was open!
This entire town was so much fun and beautiful!!

For lunch we went to Creperie Du Village
Such a super cute alpine restaurant!! 
I wish I could go back this week!
I hope to wrap up the rest of the trip this week!


  1. Gorgeous photos! I never wanted to go to CO before because I don't ski but now you have me considering it...

    1. Y'all should totally go and visit!! I never thought I would like it either, but it is seriously beautiful!! Everyone was outside riding bikes, fishing, hiking, running, having name it! I did not want to come home, lol!!


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