Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello! I apologize for not posting yesterday, work is kind of owning me this week...Ugh. 
My vacation may officially be over, but the recap certainly is not! Friday morning we woke up bright eyed sleepy eyed and bushy tailed and headed to Booth Lake Trail. 
Prepare for picture nature overload! 
The start of our journey
Let's do this!
Not going to lie, it was pretty cold that morning, but it made me move faster!
Say cheese for the camera timer!! 
Pretty little flowers everywhere!
Loves lane in the woods! So many hearts and names! 
We crossed a few creeks! 
My mountain man
Mighty close to the edge to get a great shot
Let the sun shine....
I was too afraid to back up any more, lol
The drop!
Camera timer take 20!
There was still some snow here and there
Oh hey!
It was so beautiful the higher we climbed into the mountains
Lunch by the water
The water was crystal clear

Then we started to make our way back down the mountain
All in all, it was a great hike and I would do it again! After all of our hard work we decided to treat ourselves to some beers at Crazy Mountain Brewery!
Beer flights
Our new friend Doobie!
My first time in a chair life, but I needed some liquid courage!

Made our way to Vail Village later that day!
We had dinner at Up the Creek
We loved sitting outside!
We pretty much ate like a King and Queen on this trip

I'm covering Aspen tomorrow! I also promise there will not be this many photos! 
I don't think.... lol! 


  1. Such beautiful Pictures!
    Always wanted to go to Cororado.


    1. Thank you, I got a little snap happy, lol! Everything was so beautiful and the weather was amazing!

  2. So pretty! And I still can't wrap my brain around snow existing in June...


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