Monday, May 6, 2013


Morning friends!! 
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend with lots of sun or at least lots of margaritas!!!

My weekend was pretty good and I tried to distract myself here and there a little. 
My Grandmother was put in the hospital last week for liquid in her lungs. After several tests and procedures they concluded that she would need to have double bypass surgery. She will have this surgery tomorrow morning. I debated back and forth about weather or not I wanted/should blog about it for various reasons. I finally decided that I needed to do it for my own peace of mind because blogging has brought on such an amazing support group and that is exactly what I need right now. Prayers and support. 

If you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers for tomorrow, I would really appreciate it


  1. So sorry to hear about your grandmother, will definitely keep her and you in my thoughts!

  2. Will continue to pray for her and keep you both in my thoughts! A little over a year ago I was having a really hard time with the move here and change in job, etc. Some of the comments I got from those posts really helped me get through. All in all the blogging world is so supportive and wonderful!

    1. Thanks!! It really is! I hope you had a great weekend!

  3. prayers for sure girl!! it is tough deciding what to put on the blog and what not to put but we all have grandparents who mean the world to us and prayers for health and for the doctor's hands during surgery tomorrow

  4. Sending a big hug and prayers your way!


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