Friday, April 26, 2013

Life's a Beach

You know it really it sometimes. I'm so glad Friday is here, I have had a pretty rough week. 
I won't go into all the details, but it has not been a very happy week for me. Which is fine because I get to start all over with a new week next Monday. Woohoo! Anyways, I cannot be that sad about it all, because today is FRIDAY! I'm trying to be positive!!

I'm excited to shower one of my best friends tomorrow with super cute little baby boy items!! This will be a fun shower with all of my high school friends! It will also be a very nice/short little get away to the ATX. This will be good because there is something about that place that helps me forget my troubles, but also reminds me of my allergies! 
Whatev, I'll take it! lol

I'm also looking forward to celebrating a birthday with another best friend here in Houston. 
It will be a nice little evening with some great friends, super yummy food and drinks! 

I also have a very exciting trip coming up (more on that later), so that is lifting my spirits!

So all in all very exciting times ahead, I can see the light!
Sometimes life is just a beach.

And speaking of a beach, that is exactly where I wish I was at right now.......if only! Haha
Happy Friday friends and sorry for my rant!


  1. OHHHH my i wish I was at the beach, such an amazing place :)

  2. Ohh man i wish i was at the beach.. but i will be in may!! Cant wait!

  3. I'll be in Austin this weekend too! I love that city. I keep telling my husband we need to just move there! Hope you have a great weekend =)

  4. Can I go with you? Can't wait for the beach!!!

  5. What a cute print. And sorry to hear about the rough week... yay it's the weekend, have a great one!

  6. Ugh sorry you had a bad week!!! I hope you get some rest this weekend between all these fun parties :-)
    Love you sis!


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