Monday, April 29, 2013

Don't rain on my parade weekend!

If you were in the Houston area on Saturday evening/night, then you you know how much crazy rain we got, like for real!! Storming Norman!! However, the rain did not stop me from having a great time, it just gave me an awesome car wash, haha!

 1. - 6. Baby shower for one of my best friends in Austin. We had the best time!!!
She got so many cute baby things!!

 7. & 8. Birthday dinner for another one of my best friends! We tried to stay out of all the crazy rain! Had a fun time playing with Charlie too!
9. & 10. Green Thumb Sunday!! I just know this plant is going to start blooming, counting down the days! We also took the bikes out for lunch and a nice ride around the area.

Fun times!! 

Linking up with Sami today!!!


  1. I need to buy some flowers too! Those are so pretty!

  2. It rained in Austin a little bit too. Go figure, because I actually did do a car wash earlier that day. Doesn't that always happen? haha!

  3. That rain was crazy!! Glad you had a fun time in spite of it.. and I hear ya, it made my car all shiny clean! :)


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