Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. - Easter Treats

Happy second day of Spring everyone!! Today I am linking up with Stephanie and Katie again for Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. With Easter right around the corner I thought I would share 3 little treats with you and one of them I came up with myself!! 

Nail polish in an egg

My version
-  A plastic bag
- An Easter egg of your choice
- A filler (I used some fake moss) 
- Nail polish (I used Essie - Pink Diamond)

Fill the bottom of you bad with moss

Isn't she a beauty! 

Peeps on a stick

My version
- Lollipop sticks (from craft store)
- Plastic bags
- Peeps of your choice
- Ribbon, ties, print outs of your choice

One you get your peeps on the lollipop stick slide them into the plastic and tie them up!
My cousins are going to love these!!

Carrot treat bags - My creation

- Carrot bags (from craft store)
- A box of Annie's Cheddar snack mix

I picked Annie's because they are little bunnies!! Their gummy bunnies are yummy too!

So cute!!

I hope you enjoy trying out these super fun and easy Easter treats!!


  1. These are the absolute cutest Easter treats I've ever seen! Great job :)

  2. Those are amazing treats, your friends and family are super lucky!

    Love the pink glittery Easter egg, so fun!


  3. Love all of the cute Easter ideas!!

  4. OH my gosh....LOVE all of these! Yours turned out super cute!

  5. So cute! You did such a great job on these!

  6. I love your nail polish in the eggs idea! Would be fun for a girl's night out!

  7. These are SOOO cute! I'm going to make those peeps on a stick for my cousins' kids. Thanks for the idea!!!

  8. These are the cutest!! I don't know which one I like the best because they are all adorable!

  9. Such a cute idea, and great gifts to give out! I acutally bought the premade peeps on a stick and reeces pieces in carrot bags both at Target just last weekend to fill my nieces' Easter bags. I never even thought to make my own - I'm so not a crafty/think out of the box type person! Ha!

  10. Such a cute idea! I may have to incorporate some of these ideas one day!

  11. So cute they are. If I get them as a gift, I will be very happy.


  12. What fun treats! I love the glittered egg. :-)


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