Friday, March 29, 2013

March activities!

Happy Good Friday!! I do not have anything specific to talk about today, but I do have some pictures of some fun activities that I have not had time to share.

A day at the Zoo, a nighttime Easter egg hunt, a day at the beach and Frontier Fiesta!


Girls day at the Zoo!
Harper and Kinsey!

Lindsay, Harper, Kinsey and I

 Harper playing the bongo drums

The newest addition to the giraffe family! So cute!

She is just a doll!! We had the best time!

Nighttime Easter egg hunt with my cousins!
Seth hunting for eggs!

Abby striking a pose!

Baskets are full!

The girls found a frog!

I had the best time hanging out with my little peeps!! 

A day at the beach with my friend Nicole (aka my wife, lol)
It was the best day! 

Frontier Fiesta with my gals!

There is my little wrap up! It's been a super busy, but great month!! I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend that is filled with lots of family time and chocolate!!!

Thanks to this song, I made it through the week!! 
This song rocks, download it for sure!

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  1. So jealous of your day at the beach!! Looks like you've been having fun lately!


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