Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Weekend

Morning!! I first want to welcome all of my new readers, thanks for joining me!! I hit 100 followers last week and it blew me away, thanks Allison for being the 100th! I cannot wait to get to know more bloggers and I could literally spend hours upon hours jumping from one blog page to another! Blogging seriously rocks!! Happy Presidents Day (Washington's Birthday), especially to all the lucky ones that get the day off!! I sure wish I did!! 

Even though Valentine's Day was on Thursday, I never had time to do a recap. My weekend was also very low key as I was under the weather :( 

I can remember thinking that my mom had way too much seasonal decor for almost every holiday!! Now that I'm an adult I guess the apple does not fall far from the tress, because I just cannot help myself when I see new seasonal items!! So I'm sorry mom, I get it now, lol! 

Ever since Greg and I started dating we always go out to dinner for our birthdays, but we cook at home for Valentines! It's stress free and we enjoy coking some of our favorite foods!
Baked brie with honey!
Wine and Champs!
  Our steak and lobster dinner!! 

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  1. Dinner at home for Valentine's day is so perfect and yours looks delicious!

    PS I'm guilty too of having an abundance of holiday decor. I will blame my mother for this too lol

  2. So festive! Love the heart-shaped dish!

  3. Your V-Day looks absolutely perfect! Staying at home with the one you love is the best way to spend it.

    Yayyyy for 100 followers! ;)


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