Friday, January 18, 2013

Bring on the Champagne!

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone is doing well. I still a bit tired from last weekend, but very happy another weekend is here!  Here in Houston we are also getting some cold weather, which is nice for a change, but my sinuses disagree. This weekend I will be doing a some pre-birthday partying and hopefully taking down the last "few" Christmas items I have left...yes, you heard that right......don't judge!! lol

Dear Birthday, you are 5 days away and time is flying, please slow down!! 

Dear Jenna and Tiffany, I'm so happy you will be coming to town this weekend to celebrate with me!!

Dear GIRLS, your season 2 premiere was something!! Cannot wait to see episode 2 on Sunday!! 

Dear Bold and the Beautiful, I am officially done with you. You soap opera has been on the long road to crapville for awhile and I'm ready to save space on my DVR for something better! 

Dear Vacation, I do not have anything planned, but will be to put something on the books soon! #dreamingofparadise

Dear Blog friends, I hope everyone has a nice weekend!! TTYL!




  1. great letters girl :) I'm so happy i found your blog through the blog hop:) cant wait to read more! xo

  2. Did you hear about the meetup next weekend? If you aren't busy on the 27th, you should totally come! Email me :)

  3. I can tell the Birthday excitment is building up, hope you have some fun plans which involve champagne :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll be sure to put up some photos of my puppy soon x

  4. ha, my mom used to tape (VCR) bold & the beautiful, along with all 4hrs of soaps every single day. can't believe it's still on!!


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