Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 by Thirty!

Last week marked a year that I have to hopefully check off the last few items on my list! Over the past few years I started writing a few things here and there that I would like to accomplish, so in no particular order this is my 30 by 30 list!! 

1. Find a plant I can keep alive
2. Learn how to make my favorite pie- Lemon meringue
3. Start a blog
4. Send more mail- letters, surprises, etc.
5. Get to my ideal weight
6. Make it to church at least 2-3 times a month
7. Learn to Ski
8. Learn to surf
9. Make sushi
9. Get engaged/married 
10. Visit my magical place
11. Get over my fear of heights and skydive.....maybe, lol
12. Get a puppy or dog
13. Get a bike
14. Get a really nice camera
15. Go to the Ellen show
16. Spend more time with family, especially my grandparents
17. Witness something truly amazing
18. Make a great risotto
19. See an awesome concert or many
20. Make my own Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner
21. Learn to paint my own nails and avoid nail salons
22. Finish my Hawaii and Alaska scrapbooks
23. Become better at relaxing and de-stressing
24. Finish paintings
25. Swim with dolphins
26. Leave The Houston Chronicle
27. Meet a blogger friend from another state
28. Take a class just for fun
29. Join another organization
30. Cut my hair, more than an inch
31. One to grow on

I know I still have quite a few things to check off, but I'm excited! It will also be cool to have  them documented on my blog! Has anyone else made a 30 by 30 list before?!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Mini Recap

Happy Monday, I'm ready to start this week off right!! I had a great weekend, even though it was cut a little short due to some home appliance problems on Sunday. I also missed out on seeing a lot of my favorite blogger friends yesterday. :( However it started out great so here is my mini weekend recap!
Friday Greg took me to dinner to celebrate my birthday, the week was so crazy busy that we did not have time to go. We went to Vic and Anthony's (MY FAV) and it was amazing as usual! The picture above is of my sorbet trio - YUM!

Saturday my parents came into town to spend the day with me! We also happened to look very patriotic by coincidence, which was great because after lunch we went to the movies!! I had been wanting to see Lincoln!!

What's a movie without popcorn and beer?!

I cannot say enough good things about this movie!! The acting, directing, producing, costumes and settings! Steven Spielberg is well Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis did a phenomenal job!! He even prepared for this part a year in advance and read over 100 books on Lincoln!! Which earned him not only a Golden Globe, but a Screen Actors Guild award last night and hopefully he will win an Academy Award!!! All in all in was a great day!!

Did anyone else watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night?! I always enjoy looking at all of the dresses!!! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hey, Friday!!

I'm so happy the weekend is finally here!! Happy Friday friends!! 
Dear Birthday Week, you have been so good to me! More celebrating is on the way this weekend and I'm very excited! 

Dear Houston Blogger Group, I cannot wait to see everyone on Sunday at our blogger meet up!!!! 

Dear Greg, thanks again for my beautiful birthday flowers!! They have made my office so bright and cheerful.  I love them and you!!

Dear Co-workers, thank you so much for my birthday cake, it was delicious!

Dear Vic and Anthony's, I cannot wait to for tonight, I have been looking forward to devouring your steak and cleaning my plate!!! 

Dear Blogger friends, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes on Wednesday ! It really made my day that much better!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Saving the best for last!! One of my best guy friends from college in a film contest called Catdance (not to be confused with Sundance, but it's similar) and if you have a few moments to spare, he would really appreciate your vote! The short film is called "Catalogue" and it's hilarious!!! You can go to to vote. It will require a quick little sign up, but if you have a cat, you will receive fresh step coupons! HOLLA!!!
Too bad he lives in Chicago, Riley could have been famous!!! LOL

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today is my birthday and while I never talk about my age, today I'm proudly 29!!!! Whew, there I said it, now I'm ready to blow out a candle and make some major wishes for the year!!  This past weekend I got to celebrate with a lot of friends and had a blast!! 
Lots of champagne of course!! 
Cheers to my last 20th year!!! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life in the Heights!

Hello friends!! Notice anything different around here today?!!.............. That is right, I got a blog makeover from the super sweet and talented Kristen at "from Kristen with love". You will also notice a slight name change to the blog, formerly known as The Heights Life and now to Life in the Heights!  New year, new changes and a little bit of a new me!!! I will change the URL by the end of the week, but I wanted to everyone a chance to note the change, if you follow by GFC or subscribe through email, you should not notice any changes! Either way the new URL will be-

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bring on the Champagne!

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone is doing well. I still a bit tired from last weekend, but very happy another weekend is here!  Here in Houston we are also getting some cold weather, which is nice for a change, but my sinuses disagree. This weekend I will be doing a some pre-birthday partying and hopefully taking down the last "few" Christmas items I have left...yes, you heard that right......don't judge!! lol

Dear Birthday, you are 5 days away and time is flying, please slow down!! 

Dear Jenna and Tiffany, I'm so happy you will be coming to town this weekend to celebrate with me!!

Dear GIRLS, your season 2 premiere was something!! Cannot wait to see episode 2 on Sunday!! 

Dear Bold and the Beautiful, I am officially done with you. You soap opera has been on the long road to crapville for awhile and I'm ready to save space on my DVR for something better! 

Dear Vacation, I do not have anything planned, but will be to put something on the books soon! #dreamingofparadise

Dear Blog friends, I hope everyone has a nice weekend!! TTYL!



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Marathon Man!

Greg ran the Houston Marathon this past weekend.....on the same day of his birthday no less!!! He did such an awesome job considering how horrible the weather was. Of all the days it was rainy, windy and crazy cold. It had not gotten this cold probably since last year, but despite the weather thousands of runner got their run on!
Love this shot!!

Leaving the house to drop him off downtown!

My best friend Ashley's husband, Carter was also running the marathon on the same day!! We planned our route and were able to make it to 4 locations to cheer our guys on!! We had a blast on Sunday!! This is us with our signs!! Charlie is Ashley and Carter's dog and I had a birthday sign for Greg and a Go Greg Go on the other side!!
Go Greg Go!!

Mile 13

Smiling as he comes in to the finish line!! Melt my heart!!

After Greg finished the Marathon I took him to get a bite to eat and we headed home. Little did he know I had planned a little birthday/celebratory surprise party for him!! Party pictures to come!!!


Friday, January 11, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Everyone gets a high five for making it though a full week back to work!! I almost did not make it today, I woke up with the worst allergy attack at 4am and could not go back to sleep. I'm going to crash at some point today and when I do I will go to Starbucks because there are still a few locations that are serving my Caramel BrulĂ©e Latte!!! OH YEAH (That was said in a kool-aid voice of course)!

Today I am linking up with Ashley!

Dear Greg, GOOD LUCK on your Marathon on Sunday (26.2 Miles) and Happy Early Birthday!!! Love you!!!

Dear Texans, Let's make this happen on Sunday!! We are 1 step closer to the Super Bowl!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH

Dear GIRLS, I'm super excited about the season 2 premiere!!!! Sunday is going to be a great day! Does anyone else watch this show?!

Dear Michele, I am so happy you are moving back to TEXAS!!!! Cannot wait to have my cousin home!!! So excited!! 

Dear Rain, please hold off until Sunday afternoon. We appreciate your precipitation, but people have things to do!! Okay, okay!! 

Dear Blog Friends, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Shiner Brewery

A few weeks ago the family and I decided that we needed to take a trip to the Shiner Brewery.  We always talked about it, but it was time to go take the tour and visit my great aunt who lives there!

We started out the day with some lunch! A German plate and a Shiner beer of course! 

                                             It was a beautiful day for some beer tasting! 
Before we started the tour we decided to get some beer! There are 6 beers on tap and you can try 4 of them!
You get 4 tokens! 
Waiting for our tour! 
The gift shop was so cute!! I highly recommend taking this tour if you are ever in the area!! 
For more information click here!
Sunset leaving Shiner! What a great day!