Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update


Friday evening we were invited to a pumpkin carving party! We decided to stop by our favorite food truck, Good Dog Hot Dog! This truck is from the Heights and we just love them! More about them here.


We had a great time at the pumpkin carving party! 

Greg carving our design! Can you guess what it is?! 


Saturday was a very busy day, had a 5k that morning at 8am. My cousin has Cystic Fibrosis and every year we participate in the Great Strides 5k, taking steps to cure CF!  I hope to get some pictures from my dad to post! To learn more about Cystic Fibrosis click here.

After the CF 5k we had the UH football game and we really beat UTEP!!!! I'm so proud of our Cougars! The weather was amazing too! 

Since it had been a long day we had been going back and forth on if we should go out and play or not. I bought a costume last year and since my Saturday was the exact same schedule I never ended up wearing it because I was too tired to do anything. After the game on Saturday I caught a major wind and decided to dig the costume out of the attic and go out!!

Gangster Greg!!

Ready to Party!!
Me and Melissa

I thought it was fun to shake my fringe, lol!

Greg and Marzel


I tried to sleep in as late as I could. Ran errands, we went to church and at lunch I wanted to have a picnic so we the backyard!

Wanted to open the pickles my parents made!

Riley came out to play
And to roll around in the dirt!

Oh hey, what are you looking a lady?!


I cannot believe that it was just a week ago that I was in VA visting my cousin and now that Frankenstorm is coming through. To my family and friends in Sandy path, I hope y'all stay safe and dry! I'll be thinking about you all today! 



  1. LOVE your costume!! I would have been shaking my fringe all night long too!!! :)

  2. Great job running the 5k, my fat butt would die five minutes into it! You looks so cute in your costume! looks like you had a fun time and who doesnt love a good picnic!

    have a wonderful week

  3. Thanks so much for your comment today!! I couldn't find a way to email you back though!! :( Looks like some fun Halloween partying! I love your flapper look, you are so cute!!

  4. You are such a cute flapper!!!! Sounds like a weekend full of fun festivities!!!!!!

  5. what a great costume i love the flapper look! where did you find that dress? and you have me craving hot dogs now after reading your post

  6. LOVE your costume!! You look so dang cute! And what a fun weekend! We haven't done any October festivities really... we are such slackers this year!


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