Friday, October 26, 2012

Virginia Wine Trail

Happy Friday everyone!! TGIF! Today I'm recapping day 2 of my trip, which was probably my most favorite day on the trip. It was a real adventure and we got to bring Chloe along, my cousin Michele's dog!!  On Saturday we made our way out west. There are a ton of wineries within a 15-20 mile radius! Prepare yourself for picture overload, I mean it's Friday so who does not want to look at a ton of pictures...right? RIGHT!

The first place we stopped at was Barrel Oak Winery. This was a great starter place and they were SUPER DOG friendly!! We had a great time here!! 

Starting our tasting

They gave Chloe a treat!

We loved how their logo has the dog sitting under the tree, so cute!

Chloe making friends!


I would like to live here!

Next we went to Vintage Ridge!


Chloe playing in the leaves!!

Very yummy wine!

We then started to make our way to the next winery! 

Loved all of these colors!

Made it to Piedmont!

Let me just say that this property was BEAUTIFUL and totally for sale?! Oh the possibilities!!! Anyone want to buy it together, I mean it just a couple million, no big deal!

Love this picture!!

After all of our wine excursions we made our way into Middleburg! I fell in love with this little place and it was so hard to leave. Everything here was super super cute! I want to make a trip back here in the near future! 

Chloe and a friendly ghost!

We saw a bride and groom!

Loved this red door and the fox knocker!

Foxes everywhere!! I love it!

In keeping with the fox theme I thought I would share with you Greg and I's Halloween costumes from a few years ago! I love foxes! 

I hope everyone has a very fun and safe Halloween weekend!! See you Monday when I finish out the trip!



  1. Ahhhhh love these photos. Isn't VA in the fall beautiful?? I'm so sad it didn't work for us to meet up! So close, but so far :) I've been to the Fox's Den in M'burg - isn't that downtown area so freakin cute? Looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. what a great trip!! beautiful views, beautiful colors and wine tasting is one of my favorite activities. i love that you brought the dogs

  3. Beautiful colours! Sounds like my kind of trip. Good wine, family and pets. Glad you had fun!

  4. Oh my goodness these pictures have me green with envy!!! You looked so great in all of those pictures!!!

  5. i cant get over these pictures. It is beautiful there.. the vintage ridge looks amazing! -annalizbeth


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