Friday, October 5, 2012

The Mane Event!

The Houston Zoo and The University of Houston teamed up together for an event yesterday evening. Designers from UH were asked to create a poster that calls attention to one of a select group of twelve conservation programs at the Zoo. A panel of designers and zoo conservationists have selected the most beautiful and effective designs for each of the twelve programs to be on display at the Mane Event. The twelve posters will also be displayed and auctioned at the Houston Zoo’s Conservation Gala on October 10th. 

Nicole and I having some wine and deciding on our favorite design! 

My top 3 picks!

I really enjoy my Zoo organization! Every time we have an event I learn so much about animals! 

And our top pick went to.....

It was a great evening and it's so nice to see so many people getting involved! If you are in or around the Houston area and would be interested in joining a Zoo organization....hit me up! If you do not live in Houston, you can check out your local Zoo for organization opportunities!! 

Have a great weekend friends!



  1. those are some great artwork submissions! looks like the event was a success. p.s. thanks for visiting my blog! start out with a sheer but bright red lip gloss. you can ease your way in :)

  2. Hey Selena! It was great meeting you today @ the meet-up! :)

    I remember you mentioning that you were looking for someone to do your blog design @ the meet-up. Sorry I didn't have my business cards on me at the time (bad blogger!), but here is the link to my design page: Kristen Danielle Designs Check it out & let me know if you think my style fits you and we can go from there! The prices on there won't apply to you since I know you through networking... it will be cheaper. You can also e-mail me @ if you have any questions.



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