Friday, October 12, 2012

The Freaking Weekend!

What's up Friday?! I'm so glad the weekend is just a few hours away! While I have a few things planned this evening and tomorrow....there is one day that I have absolutely nothing going on. I'm going to try to keep it that way and I say that because it's almost my side job to jam pack anything and everything I can into a day. I need a day to do whatever I want and to pack for my trip! 

Dear Riley, this has been a long catvacation and I MISS YOU BOO BEAR!! (Mom read this to Riley, lol)
Dear Work, thanks for kicking my @$$ this week, it will make my weekend that much sweeter! 
Dear Weather, get your $hit together. One day it's cool and the next day your all hot and bothered. Thank goodness I'll be going to the East coast soon! 
Dear Peter the possum, stop creeping around our are gross! 
Dear Cougars, let's get another win tomorrow!! The game is at 11....if I can make it there in time, then you can WIN!! Okay, okay! 
Dear woman who is handling conference room reservations, I do not like you. (she really does not even deserve an acknowledgement) If you have a problem doing you job then do not take it out on me or complain to me about it. I'm on fire today so I'm looking forward to talking to you once I'm done writing this.
Dear Blogger Friends, you all ROCK!! Everyone is so nice! I enjoy reading your blogs and getting to know you! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!



  1. Riley says where you at!! LOL

    Coogs go for another win!!

  2. Yay for the weekend! I hope you get time to relax after this week!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)) I can totally relate to your work comment, but I love the positive spin you put on it about making the weekend sweeter!
    I am your newest follower and would love for you to stop by my blog often:)

  4. Hahaha! Love tt "woman who is handling room reservations" part. So funny. Hope she's reading this post! She doesn't sound like a vr nice lady :(

  5. Just stumbled across your blog from Whitney's blog! She posted a picture from the last Blogger meetup and saw that you were a DZ!! I got so excited! We should all get together for a DZ date sometime! :)


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