Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Delta Zeta is....

I was going to recap day 2 of my trip today, but today is Delta Zeta Founders Day! 
I think back to when I first started going to UH and how I said that I would never join a sorority! Like ever! I'm glad that I had a change of heart because DZ truly changed my life in many ways.  It taught me about leadership, philanthropy and gave me some life long friends!  I'm very grateful to Delta Zeta! 

Thanks to these lovely ladies, Delta Zeta was founded 110 years ago at Miami University in Oxford Ohio! 

Delta Zeta is having and Big....

and a little sister! 

Delta Zeta is all about expanding your family....
The Big, The Little and The Girlfriend Wife! 

Delta Zeta is finding roommates that are forever friends!

Delta Zeta is thinking that your pledge class is THE BEST EVER (Because it is)! 

Delta Zeta is about making friends from other sororities.....

Delta Zeta is finding sisters from all over the US.....

Delta Zeta is having fun with your SISTERS!!!!!

Happy Founders day to all of the Delta Zetas out there!! 

This video rocks my pink and green socks off!!! My chapter at UH made this!! 
Ahhhhhhh Delta Ahhhhhh Zeta Ahhh Delta Ahhh Zeta Ahh Detla Zeta HEY!



  1. love love love that DZ has brought us together!!! Happy founders day!

  2. I loved this post!! How sweet. :) Happy Founders Day!!

  3. Hi:) I'm transfering to University of Houston this spring and thinking of joining a soroity, but thinking I might be to old and missed my window to join. I'm 24. What do you think... should I give it a try or just forget it??


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