Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super Fun Weekend Part 2

I have been partying really hard lately. I swore to myself that I would take it easy on Sunday..... I guess I need to remind myself that I did just go to a 10 year HS reunion and waking up the next morning after long nights are only going to get harder as time moves on.....Sunday was a real FUNDAY!

For lunch we went to the St. Arnold Brewery for one of Greg's best friends 30th birthday celebration! 
Greg, Tino (Happy Birthday) and Marzel

The group enjoying some BBQ and beer! 

Melissa and I
The birthday boy won a raffle prize! 

Happy Birthday Tino!!

After a few hours at the brewery we headed to Celtic Gardens in Midtown for more birthday celebrating and to watch the Texans game with a few other friends! Texans kicked some butt WOOHOO!!
Ashley and I
Ashley, me and Laila
Colin, Carter and Greg!
Khaki short and blue shirt kind of a day!

Fast forward to 10pm....when we made it home...It's Wednesday and I think I'm still recovering. 



  1. i totally know how you feel about thinking i can handle a long night but yup 10 year high school reunion this year and my body says no and takes days to recover too. one of my co-worker was lamenting how it was oktoberfest this past weekend and the place you went too looks like an oktoberfest brewery hall. i love how the guys coordinated did they call each other before to find out what each were wearing? totally kidding of course

    1. It really does look like an Oktoberfest Brewery and they actually have a fall beer called Oktoberfest...If they sell it in Cali you should try it, it's pretty good! I'm still cannot believe they randomly matched, lol

  2. This looks like so much fun! Aw, what a good time with friends :) you're making me really excited for the weekend!!

    1. I hope you have a great weekend and get a good amount of sleep at the same time ;)

  3. Replies
    1. We should do an event there one day!! Can't wait to see you on the 7th!!

  4. OMG! So, I saw you from behind and I ALMOST WORE THE SAME EXACT dress that you had on and I remember thinking "wow, I'm glad I didn't wear that dress because I'd be matching someone here" and that was you! I seriously can't believe we didn't see each other. So crazy!

    1. LOL!! That is so crazy! Great minds think alike...So excited to see you on the 7th!!!! Maybe we should plan out outfits out, lol!!


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