Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Fun Weekend Part 1

I'm running on E today friends....I really try to be everywhere for everyone. Thank goodness I have a vacation coming up! I had a great weekend and got to see so many people I love! 

I went home last week for my high school reunion and had good time at the game. It was nice to visit the old stomping grounds and to see some old classmates. We lost the game, but it was still a good time.

I'm crazy tired so I will let the pictures do the talking....
My Mom and I
Sarah and I hanging out and enjoying our budlight limes!

Crystal, one of my old classmates

Saturday Sarah I did some shopping!
I came home Saturday evening and we met up with some friends that were down from Dallas, before going out for our friend Courtney's birthday!
Jeff and Greg
Briana and I
Happy Birthday Courtney! 

 Birthday girl and her boyfriend Kevin
Courtney and Tino....Birthday kids!
Me and Greg!



  1. The pictures are great! I can tell from the photos that you had a great time & I love the blue dress... It is too dang cute girlie :) hope you get rested up!


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