Friday, September 21, 2012

'02 Holds it Down!

Well I guess it's the inevitable....This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion.  I just put my age out there, lol.  Today I am blogging from a remote location, my hometown!  

My hometown may be small, but we are known as the "Goose Hunting Capital of The World!" Geese migrate to the South during the winter and call Eagle Lake and our surrounding areas home! If you are wondering if I have ever been goose hunting the answer is YES! My dad use to guide a long time ago and I would get the chance to go with him every now and then. What would I do you ask? Well, I would wake up at 3am and begin the dressing process. FLANEL, flanel, a little more flanel, then some waders and last but not least, boots. Once you get to the field it's time to put out the spread...then you wait, sit in the grass, mud or a ditch. I was normally on dog patrol and as soon as my dad would give the command there went our lab! We hunted for all types of birds Canada, specks, snows...I could go on and on! Okay it's Friday, I'm going to stop boring you now! Everyone knows that small town folks like to talk!

Greg if you are reading this I would gladly take any of the following or all of them, just saying!

Okay, I know we are working on finding these friends homes right now.... 

Anyways, back to my high school story!

Since I'm from a small town, my high school was also small, but I did have one of the biggest graduating classes....117! While I keep of with most of my high school friends I am really looking forward to seeing people I have not seen in years! You can only see so much on Facebook and I would rather have some human interaction! 

With all of the kitty cat mayhem, I cannot find a professional picture of 2 of my best friends and I from senior I will leave you with my senior year picture! (Don't laugh)

Dear Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, I'm glad we are all getting together today and that you are all okay with me wanting to go to Mr. Gatti's for lunch! After the week I have had, I need one of my best friends "pizza".... So happy to be home!
Dear Nicole, I'm so glad you are homeward bound from living in Alaska for a year! I cannot wait to have one of our cooking nights! Safe travels!!
Dear Class of 2002, I'm looking forward to hanging out this weekend! The Raiders are kick some East Barnyard @$$ tonight!!
Dear Mix 96.5, I really appreciate you playing OMD's 1980's song"If you leave" in the middle of my gynecologist exam this week. You know the "I touch you once, I touch you twice....that really made me feel super awkward comfortable.
Dear Kittens, Y'all are so cute!! I wish I could keep you, but we are working on finding some great homes for all of you! 
Dear Blog friends, have a great weekend and if you would like a kitten, holler! ;)

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  1. Whoa, high school reunion, have an awesome time!!! And a great weekend at home! :)

  2. Those are adorable! Found you from the link up! Welcome to the blogging world! :) New follower!


  3. Have fun at the reunion! Sounds like it will be a blast!

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  5. have fun, and whatever puppy you don't take please send it my way! :)

  6. My 10 year is coming up next month!! Yikes!!
    Happy weekend to you!

  7. I've got my reunion coming up soon, you've got to tell me all about yours!! Good luck!

  8. 10 year reunion will be so much fun it is crazy ti stop and think where did those 10 years go.


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