Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fall Fancies!

Since the first day of fall was this past weekend, I'm getting really excited about busting out my boots, scarfs and sweaters! I just need one more thing.....cooler weather! Hopefully with the rain we will get this weekend the temps will start to drop!

Linking up today with Long Distance Loving for Friday Fancies! These are my crushes!!!

Loving this look!

Fun Fall Wear

A P C a p c

Low rise jeans

$35 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs aviator sunglasses

                                                                   Night out!

Night Out

Wallis gem sweater

Betsey Johnson square stud earrings

                                                               Office or party?!

Fall anytime

Wallis red jacket


Forever 21

Jane Norman black handbag
$24 -

Kate spade

What are some of your fall favorites?! Have a great weekend friends!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pussy"Cat" Control (are you ready?) - Thankful Thursday!

Good mornin' ladies and gentlemen
Boys and m'mmmm girls 

This is your captain with no name speakin' 
And I'm here 2 rock your world 

Sorry, I was channeling Prince!

Happy Thursday friends! I'm really thankful that today is Thursday and I would like to give another BIG THANKS to this awesome animal lover/rescuer right here!
Meet Caitlin...aka kitten saver! 

Remember last week when we found these 4 cuties in our back yard?

We reached out to a lot of people and you know what, I was put into contact with Caitlin and over the weekend she found homes for all of then kittens! This just makes me so happy! I was so worried about these little babies. Looking at their little faces really makes me miss them, but they are in a much better place now and it's mainly because Caitlin! 

I know I am preaching to the choir, but it is so sad how many animals need homes. It took this entire process for us to understand how many shelters are actually in the Houston area and how over populated they are. There are even waiting lists! I know they are super busy on a daily basis working on finding homes for animals. However sometimes there are more animals than homes and then they...I can't even type it out. You know what I mean though and that's the sad part. Don't even get me started on those animal rescue commercials......freaking Sarah McLachlan.

My advice-
Post to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email anyone who you think might be interested! Network before dealing with any shelters, there are a ton of people out there and you never know who will be willing to assist!

Thanks again Caitlin, we appreciate all of your help!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super Fun Weekend Part 2

I have been partying really hard lately. I swore to myself that I would take it easy on Sunday..... I guess I need to remind myself that I did just go to a 10 year HS reunion and waking up the next morning after long nights are only going to get harder as time moves on.....Sunday was a real FUNDAY!

For lunch we went to the St. Arnold Brewery for one of Greg's best friends 30th birthday celebration! 
Greg, Tino (Happy Birthday) and Marzel

The group enjoying some BBQ and beer! 

Melissa and I
The birthday boy won a raffle prize! 

Happy Birthday Tino!!

After a few hours at the brewery we headed to Celtic Gardens in Midtown for more birthday celebrating and to watch the Texans game with a few other friends! Texans kicked some butt WOOHOO!!
Ashley and I
Ashley, me and Laila
Colin, Carter and Greg!
Khaki short and blue shirt kind of a day!

Fast forward to 10pm....when we made it home...It's Wednesday and I think I'm still recovering. 


Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Fun Weekend Part 1

I'm running on E today friends....I really try to be everywhere for everyone. Thank goodness I have a vacation coming up! I had a great weekend and got to see so many people I love! 

I went home last week for my high school reunion and had good time at the game. It was nice to visit the old stomping grounds and to see some old classmates. We lost the game, but it was still a good time.

I'm crazy tired so I will let the pictures do the talking....
My Mom and I
Sarah and I hanging out and enjoying our budlight limes!

Crystal, one of my old classmates

Saturday Sarah I did some shopping!
I came home Saturday evening and we met up with some friends that were down from Dallas, before going out for our friend Courtney's birthday!
Jeff and Greg
Briana and I
Happy Birthday Courtney! 

 Birthday girl and her boyfriend Kevin
Courtney and Tino....Birthday kids!
Me and Greg!