Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Recovery!

I'm still in river recovery mode! It was so hard to watch all of my programs last night because I wanted to stay up late! However getting up at 6am this morning was rough....BOO!  So sleepy today. I need to get my pictures developed from this weekend because I was a bad picture taker and only have pics from the river, which I took with a disposable waterproof camera.....the wind wind click type........Yes I know 1990 just called me!

So while I hunt down a good place with people who care about film I will tell you about some things that make me happy today!

Congratulations to Jennifer and Justin! Awe JJ so cute!
I am really happy for them, they look so good together! 

I really wanted to swim with some sharks while on vacation in HI when we went in did not happen :(, but I'll make it happen one day! Sharks are such awesome creatures! If you do not already watch shark week, you should! There are some awesome stories, shark facts and footage! Hello HD!

Houston Restaurant Week!

I will be going to my annual HRW dinner with my friend Sloane today! Cannot wait! There are so many amazing deals and there are a ton of restaurants that participate each year! For every meal they donate $5 to the Houston Food Bank! 

Please stop back by tomorrow for more and hopefully some pictures! 



  1. HRW is one of my favorite months's of the year!! We are going to a couple next week just not sure where to yet!

  2. Do a post on HRW - would like to know more about it


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