Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Air Conditioning!

Something happened to the water main in our area by my it shut down the water, which we need to cool our AC no going to the potty and no AC......WTH?

I had to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond....literally!!! lol It's the closest establishment that I could go to and not look like a weirdo. Can you imagine if I went to Cafe Express and just used the bathroom and not order any food and then leaving? Bahahahaha! Okay maybe we have all done that a time or two while on a road trip or on Bourbon Street, but you get it. It was like 10am.....NO ONE will be at Cafe would be totally obvious. So Bed, Bath, Beyond I went, plus it's always nice and cool in there!

Excuse me while I take a drink of warm water.........

Okay, I'm back now

I'm really glad I wore black today because otherwise I would look GROSS! I'm seriously sweating like a you know what in church! Okay, trying to keep it PG, but being on the top floor of this building means that it's hotter than $h**! I won't even need to go to my workout class today, I'm sweating it all out here!

Hold on there is someone yelling my name....

It seems we can pick up and go home!! WOOHOO!

Now I will be able to go and work from home! HECK YES!! Which means I will be working really hard on work stuff in my pj's. Okay...who am I kidding we all know what it means.....Errands, laundry, lots of TV watching nails....laying out?!

Seriously..... Thank the heavens for AC!! What did people do back in the day?
Think about our parents, grandparents, great grand parents....what the heck did they do?

Could you imagine trying to fall asleep at night back then? What about after a nice long day of work coming home to a warm welcome? Sheesh....just think about. Or don't...I don't want to right now.

Okay....sorry for the rambling. I'm going to shut up now so I can pack up my laptop and hell out of here!!



  1. Pshhhhhh, I need AC, a ceiling fan, and a table top fan on just to fall asleep at night. I'm spoiled, but in Miami it's all of that, or you shrivel up into a raisin by morning. Not cute.

  2. Hi Selena! I nominated you for an award :) Go to and check it out!

  3. We share the same sentiment, Selena! Last month, the AC in my room act up, and I really can't sleep. I'm not used to the hot temperature in my room. Thankfully, there's the air conditioning repair orlando to save the day for me.

  4. Having an air conditioner in homes and offices is really essential as they provide family members and employees with utmost comfort. Air conditioners help people to relax and to relieve themselves from the day’s stress, and its hectic schedule. It keeps us cool all the time especially during the summer, and it allows us to have a very good night’s sleep.

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  5. I can’t imagine a day without an AC, especially during the summer! I usually just stay at home and bond with my furry dog. It’s a good thing that we have an AC! We don’t have to break a sweat during the summer! Unless we go out, of course.

    -Mechteld Abelli

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  7. Yay! Just the thought of having no air conditioner at home makes me just want to freak out! >.< :D If I’m not mistaken, in Ancient Rome they made the water from aqueducts circulate through their walls to regulate the temperature inside their homes. :]


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