Tuesday, August 14, 2012

River Weekend 2012

I wish I could have stayed at the River for a few more days. The weather was perfect, the beer was cold and the water was freaking freezing! lol! Throw in some of your best friends and you have a great weekend! It was so nice to catch up and hang out!

Getting ready to load up on the bus!
Shot gunning!
We made it back to dry land!
Can't wait for next year!!



  1. Why do I not live in Houston!!? This is the kind of stuff I LOVE! I'm hard-core jealous. Looks like so much fun!

  2. Eek!!!! Those are brutal. I'm assuming the group picture did not make it?

    1. I did not even remember that we took a group one until now. No, I guess not...all of the other pictures were black/smudged. There were a lot that did not make it :(

  3. Ah man, that looks like so much fun! And taking the school bus is even better. HAHA


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