Monday, July 23, 2012

Family fun time!!

This weekend was so much fun! I was able to spend time with my family and Greg's family! It was beautiful and sunny all weekend, which made for even better days. Saturday my cousin Sarah came into town with her 2 little ones, Abby and Seth!  We had lunch at Barnaby's Cafe! Barnaby's is such a fun little restaurant and one of the only ones in town where you can bring your dog and have lunch on the patio. Seth loves dogs and got to pet a few. After lunch we headed to Main St. for the play Pinkalicious! After the play we went to Sugarbaby's for cupcakes. We had the best time!

Seth giving a belly rub to a friendly pup!

Excited for Pinkalicious!
This play was sooooo cute!! If you have any little brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews or any other little friends you should defiantly check this play out! It was fun and very entertaining! This week is the last week, get your tickets here while they are still available! 

This place is so cute! 

Greg's brother also came to town this weekend and we celebrated his birthday! We had dinner at Fleming's on Saturday night!  Happy Birthday Robert! We had such a fun dinner and lots of wine!!

Robert and Greg!

Mom and Dad trying Good Dog for the first time!
My parents gave me a surprise visit on Sunday! They needed to run some errands so we had lunch and got to hang out for a little bit. One of my favorite things about being in The Heights is that there are always so many unique things to do. Greg and I discovered Good Dog Hot Dog a year ago and it is one of our favorite food trucks! They have the best hot dogs and bus bus chips. Everything is made from scratch and we LOVE IT! On Sunday's they are at our local nursery and they serve lunch for a couple of hours! There are table and chairs set up so you can have lunch there! It's like being in your own private garden...there are so many pretty flowers, plants and butterflies to admire while you enjoy your meal! If you are ever in The Heights area you should check them out!

This weekend was great! I hope everyone else have a good one too!


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