Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Rain!!

I cannot complain about all the rain we have been receiving everyday since this past Sunday! Sure I would love to be getting my tan on, but after last years drought we need it! Dead grass, flowers, cracks in the get the picture! The upper level system that has been bringing all the rain in is going to stay with us until next week and the temperatures should stay under 90?! I'll take it!! Look at that radar....I love trying to figure out the systems!! I should have been a weather woman...sigh! Stay dry H-Town peeps! 

Who says the rain can't be fun?!

Now excuse me while I go shop my little heart out online!



  1. NO! It needs to go away!! LOL at least for one friggin day!! It's rained like 100 days in a row now!!

    But I WILL take a pair of those rainboots. Please and thank you! ;)

    1. I know...and it's making me sleep way too good in the mornings! I have been late to work all week, lol!


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