Friday, July 20, 2012



Dear Zoo Organization, I really enjoy having our events at the zoo, but last night's event at Blackfinn was great! I think every one had a good time learning about sharks! 

Dear new Kroger on Studemont, you are not even open yet and I already do not like you. You are putting in a new light and trucks are starting to deliver....It's all in my way. I enjoyed being able to zoom through there and now you just ruined it. I think I will boycott you unless you would like to send me on a shopping spree....forget about it! 

Dear Banana Republic, thank you so much for inviting me to come and meet one of my most favorite local chefs- Bryan Caswell!! His food was the as always and he was so nice and genuine!  You can read what I have written about him here!

I've got the super cheese on! I was so excited!!

Dear Blog Friends, Thank you for all of your comments this week! I'm really enjoying this blogging experience! Everyone is sooooooo nice!! 

This week I was able to catch up with so many great friends! From lunch dates to happy hours and bike rides! It was so nice! 

Laila, Lisa, Ashley and I having some girl time!

Taylor (my little sister from DZ) and I playing in Midtown!

I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!!



  1. what is this zoo organization all about? sounds kinda fun!

    1. It's a ton of fun!! We learn about the animals, conservation, animal heath and things like that! We have some really great social event too!

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping over at my blog! I turned on the TV & ABC was back! Just in time! :) You have a cute blog! I'm your newest follower!

    1. Glad you got the it working!! I don't want to rush the weekend, but come on Sunday, lol!! Thanks!

  3. This sounds like you had an awesome week - I mean you can't complain about a week that involves bike rides and friends :)

  4. Your BR event looks so cool! And I love zoos....I never get tired of going so how cool to have an event there!


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