Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Mourning!

Why do the weekends fly by soooooo fast?  I wake up so early on the weekends and once Monday gets here I could actually sleep in! UGH! I hope everyone had a great weekend!  The Olympics are already consuming me. I thought the opening ceremony was really good (I mean following Beijing and all). The 007 opening with the Queen was awesome! I really liked how Danny Boyle presented all the eras of Great Britain. The set changes were amazing and he even gave some of my favorites nods....(David Bowie, Paul McCarthy, Mr. Bean....LOL). I also enjoyed the lighting of the torch with David Beckham on the boat, wind blowing through his hair (very nice) and staring at Will and Kate every time the camera turned their way!

This coming weekend is White Linen Nights in The Heights!! Everyone wears white and there are 3 main streets blocked off that people can roam around, drink, shop and listen to live bands. Every store has specials and appetizers. It's pretty awesome and every year it gets bigger and bigger with thousands of people! So if you happen to be in the area this weekend you should check it out!

Today I want to share some white pieces that I'm really liking right now....I mean hey let's be honest...we only have another month to rock the white before Labor Day!

White Nights!

Crochet dress
$24 -

H M chiffon blouse
$20 -

Mango racerback tank top
$28 -

Acne skinny jeans

Mango skinny jeans
$20 -

Faith high heels
$39 -

Valentino high heels

A.N.A wedge shoes

BUBA leather handbag
$575 -

Ileana Makri diamond earrings
$4,870 -

Wallis long necklace

Braided belt
$7.87 -

H M leather belt
$20 -



  1. Cute outfit for sure!! Glad i found your cute blog to help me out!

  2. every monday i always ask myself why did you have to come around? why do we need the days monday through friday, i could certainly do without them in my life!


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