Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Concert Series Part 2 - 311 and a weekend!

Sunday night Greg and I went to The Woodlands for a 311 concert! This was Greg's first time to see 311 and this was my 6th time to see them! My first time was when I was a sophomore in high school! Something about their beachy beats and easy breezy playing really drew me to them! Nick Hexum is also not bad to look at! He has changed hair color and woman throughout the years...including Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls. 

This weekend was pretty chill! Greg and I had a date night on Friday and Saturday, which is normally something we never get to do! We are always running around to different functions. Saturday we went to check out Bar Munich! He was craving some authentic German food like he had last month when he was in Europe! Bar Munich was great! We had some Hofbrau beer and Bratwursts. When Greg was in Munich he actually went to the original Hofbrauhaus! Our bartender let me try all the Dunkels....I love dark beer! 


Friday night margaritas! 
For some reason I ran though the weekend backwards...oh well, lol!

Hiding from the rain! 

Also I want to send a shout out!! Happy Birthday to one of my best friends Kinsey from Looks Good! I hope you have an amazing day!! 



  1. First of all...I love your blog :)
    My hubby was at the 311 concert! We actually live in The Woodlands so we go to alot of concerts there. We used to live in the loop and always wanted to try Bar Munich but forgot about it. We will have to make a special trip in town for it :)

    1. Thanks! That is so awesome, I love that whole shopping/dining area! It makes me feel like I'm on a mini vacation! Y'all have to go check out BM,they have so many yummy things to buy!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out friend! We met Mom, Dad, Kevin and Alyson for dinner in Sugarland. Miss you!


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