Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wine and a Wedding!!

While Greg is away on his amazing Europe trip he has sent me a few pics!  This is in Heidelberg, it's so pretty! Love all of the rustic roofs and the mountains that nestle the little town!

Friday night I had 2 girlfriends over! We just wanted to do a simple wine and pizza night! 6 bottles later we were having a ball! Even my neighbors came over for a little while!! A very fun Friday!

Saturday I went to a wedding back home for one of my best guy friends!! Trent and I were literally born 2 days apart and our moms ended up sharing a room together in the hospital! The nurse would bring us in together! I had always heard about Trent, but it was not until High School that we met and become instant friends!

Overall it was a great weekend!


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