Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Turtle Time Texas!!

If you are a real housewife fan then you might be familiar with Turtle Time!! That is right, Ramona Singer from RHWNY was in the house last night! Houston, Texas to be exact! Laila invited Ashley and I to Ramona's Pinot Grigio wine tasting at Spec's where we then go to meet her and have our bottles signed! She is also designing jewelry and told us about her new pieces. She is making some really cute little turtle charms. We tried to tell her that the turtle was our sorority mascot, but no can get a word in....Ramona takes control of every conversation! Hmm, I guess some things you see on reality TV are real, lol! All in all it was a neat experience!

Ramona posing!

Ashley, Laila and I with Ramona!
I hope her professional photographer got a better pic of us, need to check!

We did get to sample the PG and it tasted crisp, can't wait to pop my bottle! LOL



  1. so jealous Ski! I wish I could have met her....super cool :)

  2. She was something!! lol! Have a real tutrle time drink for me this weekend! So sad I won't be at out F04 reunion.


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