Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm so excited to join the blogger community!! I'm Selena and welcome to The Heights Life! I'm a lover of all things food, travel, champagne, fashion finds, family, friends, beaches, animals, cotton candy, University of Houston, peonies, music and this beautiful life god has given us!

I live in the Heights, which is a tiny suburb of Houston!  One of the oldest in city actually! It has a small town feel, which I love because I'm a small town in a lonely word. Yes I love Journey!

Meet Greg! The boyfriend!! We have been dating for almost 4 years!! We met of the 4th of July and sparks flew!! LOL!

North Shore, HI

The first day we met!  Many thanks to my friend Crystal who is an amazing photographer!

Meet Riley, my little fur boo bear!! I have always lived in apartments prior to moving to the Heights and I love animals so a cat seemed practical!  I also saved him from a snake man...we will get to that story at a later date and time! I really want a puppy (wish list)  now since we have more room!

Riley Boo Bear and I in the younger days!!

I love to have a good time! Love to dance and celebrating is pretty much what I'm doing every weekend! Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, bar mitzvah's, bridal showers, rain get the drift! I would not be who I am without my amazing family and friends! Love them!

This is me at my 25th wigging out birthday party!

Did I mention that I LOVE Cotton Candy!! Hands down my fav!! I really need my own machine!

 Katy Perry concert last summer!

I hope to keep this blog super updated with all kinds of content! Until next time!!


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