Thursday, June 28, 2012

Concert Series Part 1 - COLDPLAY!

This was my 3rd time seeing Coldplay and let me just say that they NEVER disappoint!! EVER!! They are such an amazing and talented group of guys! If you want to go to a concert and hear people sing and sound like they do on a CD then go to a Coldplay concert! 2 really cool new things this year! Electronic bracelets!! They lit up to the beat...AWESOME!!!! My pictures and videos do not do them justice...there were beautiful neon lights blinking everywhere! Also at the end of their "runway" the platform was in the shape of TEXAS!! They played all of the best songs!! If I could be a tour groupie it would totally be with them!! I hope their new CD comes out soon!!

 Posing with props!
I originally had a blue and pink one, but had to exchange it for my PINK and GREEN!! Hello DZ!!

Can you see the Texas outlined in red?!!!
Enjoying my light!!!
Like A LOT!! 

Then when you least expect it....The guys came to play in OUR SECTION!!! I could have fainted!!!



  1. So jealous!!! I wanted to go so badly :( It looks like it was so much fun! (p.s. love that you got the pink and green bracelet. I would have done the same thing!)

  2. LOL...They guy at the door prob thought I was nuts for wanting pink and green! They LOVE Texas so they will def be back when their new CD comes out!! You will have to check them out!!

  3. looove coldplay and loove that you wanted the pink and green bracelet! way to rep delta zeta!


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