Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A is for Alaska and it was AMAZING!!

I got home yesterday from Alaska and I had the best time! I am so ready to go back again!! I had such a good time with Nicole and I definitely get why she is not ready to come home! I took so many pictures, but they just do not do the scenery any justice. It's truly something to see with your BEAR eyes. lol
I have a lot of pictures to upload, about to get a new computer (finally)!! For now I have pictures from Whittier! We went kayaking and had a blast!!

                                                                Loving it!!
                                                      Posing before stroking!!


  1. I had NO idea you just went there!!! Ohhh the things I miss out on from not having FB!! So cool friend! I mean, everything except the cold weather!!! It looks BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Lol! That water was freezing!! Y'all have to make a trip up there sometime!! You would love it in the summer!!


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