Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chukka's the name Polo's the game

Yesterday evening Greg and I attended our first polo match. Thanks to Sloane (The Director of Events, way to go friend!) we had a very nice front row box with some friends!!! Playing Polo takes a lot of skill! The jockys are on the horse with a mallet and trying to get the Polo ball to your goal. It was a great game and very exciting. We happen to make it to the last game of the season where it was BYOB! People had wine, beer, champagne, meat and cheese!! It was awesome!! The boxes are split between 6 people are very affordable for each season, after sitting in such desired spot I feel so spoiled! Makes me want to sign up ASAP to lock in those sweet seats!!!
 More pictures to come, especially of the divot stomp (just like in pretty women)!!!!!!

                                              So for now a picture of the beautiful awards!!!
                                                                 The goods!!

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