Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mr. Caswell, My Food HERO!!

If you reside in the Houston area then you know what a big deal the 3 year old restaurant "REEF" is! Greg took me to Reef about 2 months ago and it was amazing! It also has a pretty nice happy hour!! Hello $1 shrimp shooters and sliders!! Mmmmm

Owner and Top Chef Bryan Caswell has to be a food genius. He has gained awesome expereince in New York alongside Jean Georges and traveled around the world! His culinary expertise is very savvy and I hope to one day have the nerve to meet him the next time I dine at Reef or Little Bigs!

With 2 superb restaurants in Houston and his nationwide awards and recognition it's a wonder why he wouldn't be given his own special day!





If he was on Top Chef, he would totally kick butt!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Independence Day 2009

I originally had pretty high hopes for some sun bathing this weekend, but I got a little too excited about getting out of work early and went to the pool..... For 3 hours of fun in the sun....Ouch, yes you guessed it, too much fun in the sun and not too much suntan lotion. So because of the burn I decided to stay in and watch movies!! Gran Torino (Greg's pick) and New in Town (my pick) I really enjoyed Gran Torino, but without giving anything away I will not express how I felt about a certain part. Hmmm. New in Town was cute, I'm not a big Renée Zellweger fan...but I have been watching Bridget Jones on cable a lot and I love those movies, I just love her character!

Saturday was a fun day!! I got see some friends I have not seen in awhile! We went to Ashley and Carter's pool for afternoon cocktails and SHADE!! Greg and I walked down to the Freedom over Texas festival downtown, which we would normally watch from the Apartment rooftop. There was a spectacular firework show! I'm so glad that Greg suggested we walk down there...even though I complained about my burn and the walk (it was like 2 miles.) It was great to see the fireworks up close and personal with their very patriotic soundtrack!
A Heart!!
A Heart!!
4th Fireworks
4th Fireworks

P.S. Greg and I met/hung on the July 4th last year! Below is a picture of us 1 year ago, the day we met!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Saturday in the park, I think it was the 4th of July!!

It's very ironic this year that Chicago's "Saturday in the Park" will actually hit on this years (Saturday, the 4th) and that they will also be in town next Friday! http://pavilion.woodlandscenter.org/eventdetail.aspx?eid=583

Dad and I went to see them a couple years back and they were all amazing! I have to give credit to my fine parents for introducing me to the band, as well as all great music in general. Anything instrumental gets me!! This year's 4th of July plans are still up in the air...I would just like to be around some sort of water, have a few drinks, watch something pop and what would a 4th of July be without a HOTDOG!!!! Yum!

I'll keep you posted.................I will, I promise to update!